November 21
On-Demand Webinar

Success is no longer defined by the square footage of a home, a job title, or the balance of a bank account.

For Generations Y and Z, attaining a lifestyle that fits one’s individual definition of happiness is the new standard of success. As they continue to adopt a Self Made mindset and craft a custom approach to home, work, and finances, brands across industries have new opportunities to earn the loyalty of young consumers—and fickle employees—while positioning their company at the forefront of culture.

This 45-minute complimentary webinar explores:

   • The distinct characteristics that define Gen Ys and Zs, 

   • How these young cohorts are reshaping what it means to live, work and pay, and

   • How companies can leverage new opportunities surrounding their shifting definitions of success.


About Cassandra
Cassandra empowers Fortune 500 companies to see the future through trend forecasting, research, strategy, and brand consulting to drive innovation and stronger engagement with youth. As the leading ongoing study of emerging trends, generational insights, and youth behavior for two decades, Cassandra is the foremost authority on Millennials and Gen Z. Cassandra is a part of ORC International, a top 20 global market research firm.