November 9

The workplace – whether that be the office, a retail environment, or the desk in the living room at home – has changed, and so have people’s attitudes. But how much is this change being reflected in the approaches you’re taking to understanding and engaging your people?

At this year’s HR Congress by SHRI, our regional thought leader – Wendy McInnes, who heads up ORC International’s dedicated team of employee research specialists across Asia-Pac, will provide advice to inspire and challenge future thinking; debate many aspects of employee engagement, the changing workplace, and the trends which will fundamentally shift how you think about your 2017 engagement to do list.

Here below are four key topics to be covered through this presentation:

What it takes to create a winning workplace?

ORC’s latest Global Perspective research high-level result sharing, which provides enlightening insights into how people feel about work and the most important trends and issues influencing their engagement.

How you can win the war for digital talent?

The war for digital talent is raging and is no longer just something the technology companies are interested in. If you want to compete when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining a digital workforce you need to think a bit differently.

What the future looks like for engagement research?

We’re seeing some fundamental shifts in approaches to research – in the way technology can be utilised and in the things it takes to engage audiences. How are these trends influencing the work the most innovative companies are doing?

5 new ways to create a culture of action

What tools and approaches do companies need if they want to create a true culture of action – where everyone in an organisation embraces the challenge of improving?

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