May 18

In 2016, Marketing Magazine brings back the Customer Experience conference with a renewed focus on enabling deeper customer relationships beyond the transactional. The two-day events focused on collaboration and engagement in the following key areas: Technology & Innovation; The New Age Customer; Building a Customer-Centric Organisation; and Redefining Loyalty & CRM.

ORC International is a proud knowledge partner of the Customer Experience Conference. Samy Mardolker, Managing Director of Marketing Research, demonstrated ‘how to’ implement the learning from Behavioural Economics (BE) for customer acquisition and enhanced brand experience during his keynote session.  While BE topic has been flogged by many, Samy put a unsystematic spin to it by defining and talking about BE without using tech or clichéd jargon. Unlike other BE sessions which focus on explaining success stories, Samy presented frameworks and advice on ‘how to walk the success journey’. Here below are 5 key learnings from his presentation:


Samy Mardolker