February 15


Perth, 15 Feb 2017, Wednesday

Brisbane, 17 Feb 2017, Friday

8:00 AM – 11:30 AM local time (Breakfast included)

Your New Year resolution will remain to be merely a list without you taking any action, so are the results from your annual employee engagement surveys. So why not start the new year by considering – what do we do with the results? It’s now the perfect time to gain momentum by taking ownership to translate feedback into action and ultimately changes to drive business success.
More than half of employees surveyed globally do not believe action will be taken on problems identified in their survey. (Source: ORC International’s HR Reflections Report 2015)
This is a very discouraging statistic, as it flags the distrust that employees have towards management. Transformational communications should be built with the principle of behaviour change and follow-up action in mind.

A culture of action in the workplace can help people feel empowered to change. This introductory workshop aims to provide HR professionals with practical tips to creating a culture of action for your organisation that is:

      •    Valued – Everyone sees the value of taking action and are inspired to do so.

      •    Enabled – Employees feel empowered and equipped to take action.

      •    Ongoing – Action is embedded into organisation’s culture.

      •    Impactful – Ensure initiatives created are measurable and impactful.

Meet our Employee Engagement Experts, as Workshop Facilitators:

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*Limited to 20 seats upon first come first serve basis. So please allow us to confirm your seat via email after your registration.