March 14 at 09:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Workplace engagement is truly a challenging matter: it changes over time and is influenced by cultural, economic, societal and organisational factors. On top of all that, there’s also added complications of aggressive global and technological changes and shifting demographics.

Last year, our Global Perspective report revealed 10 key things that we need to be aware of to create a winning workplace. We predict 2017 is going to be a different story. Fresh intentions, a new sense of focus and a need to ramp up efforts to attract, engage and retain your people with energy, purpose and enthusiasm.

Join our guest speaker from London – Global Managing Director of Employee Research, Sally Winston, who will share some insight into the new global trends we are observing, with inspiration and advice to help really push your engagement approach forward in 2017.

Personalising Engagement
Getting personal with engagement and putting the power to change in the hands of individuals could turn engagement on its head.

Ongoing Action
We’ll share ideas on creating an ongoing culture of action which matches the expectations of ongoing research sets.

Data Driven Decisions
Keep sight of the purpose of your engagement research and avoid drowning in the numbers through storytelling.

Addressing the Growing Digital Talent Gap
We live in a world driven by advances in digital technology and reliant on the skills of professionals that can communicate and do business online. Whether you are a high-tech start-up or a 100-year old corporation, advances in technology are changing the way that every industry functions. You must embrace digital trends in order to survive. Ultimately, your ability to attract, motivate and retain digital talent will determine your ability to succeed in the marketplace. We gathered first-hand insights from various sources to address the challenges associated with attracting and retaining talent in the digital age.

We hope you can join us for this thought provoking and lively event. It will also provide a great setting for you to meet and network with peers over a lovely breakfast.

Presenter:                                                         Host:

                    Wendy McInnes