Discover emerging trends from around the world that will have a global impact.

Leveraging work with young Trendsetters on the ground, you’ll not only learn what young people believe connects them globally but also the unique cultural movements that are rising to prominence within each country and their regional neighbors. In each country spotlight, brands and marketers will learn what’s new and next, whether they have a focus on a local level or global scale.




Join us for an exclusive lunch discussion around young consumers’ perspectives on global culture and implications for brands today and strategies for tomorrow.


  • Insights and trends emerging in Asia and how your brand can create a (culture-proof) passion point strategy
  • Global brand’s perspective on how businesses can use these trends to stay ahead of game
  • Youth marketing expert’s view on how businesses can meaningfully connect with the next generation
  • Gen Z reveal their aspirations, habits and how they like to engage with brands





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